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Privacy policy

Obligations Of The Company The safety and security of the personal data of our Customers, both future and present, and visitors of our website a priority for us. Finans-Group (hereinafter – the Company) is committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of all personal information received from Clients. This privacy policy (the "Policy") explains how Company collects, uses and protects the personal information of their Customers. This Policy requires that You provide no other information is provided to the Company at the moment, if You are our Customer and in the case of a change the Trustees of the terms of service of the Company.

1.The information we collect from You To open an account the Company needs to obtain personal information about the Client. This information will provide a better understanding of Your needs and will help us to provide You with information about products and services most suitable and convenient to You. This information will also be used to improve the quality of counseling on all issues. Personal data received from the Client may include: 1. Personal information You provide in the declarations, questionnaires, and forms for opening an account: Your full name, address, date of birth, passport number, insurance number of individual personal account of the insured person in system of the personified registration and / or taxpayer identification number, and / or the number of the policy of obligatory medical insurance of the insured person, the personal mobile telephone number, occupation and position; 2. Financial information such as Your investment experience; 3. The documents required for Your identification: passport, bills for payment of utility services and/or Bank statement or constitutive documents of Your Company; 4. Documents provided by You to confirm funds transfer: payment orders, Bank statements, credit card copies, etc.

2.The use of personal data Company may use Your personal information to: 1. To confirm Your identity; 2. To quickly process Your trading and non-trading operations; 3. To inform the expansion of the list of services and products that we believe may interest You 4. To provide other services related to Your trading account in the Company; 5. To keep a correct database of the Client's account; 6. Analyze statistical data to offer You products and services of higher quality;

3. Cookies Cookies - small text files sent by a web server to store on a user's computer in the form of a file so that when Your next treatment the website could retrieve this information. This file is sent each time the web server in the http request when you try to open a page of the website. Cookies may be used on some pages of our website to provide You with a quick and easy access. If You do not wish to receive Cookies, most web browsers allow You to reject them, at the same time, allowing You to visit our website without any restrictions. Cookies are not used to identify visitors to our website.

4. Third parties The company may transfer Your identifiable information subsidiaries / affiliated companies, banks, auditors, agents including paying agents, or other trusted businesses or persons (hereinafter the Trustees) for the purposes of processing Your trading and non-trading orders. The company guarantees compliance with this Policy by the Trustees and adoption by specified persons the necessary measures to protect confidential information of our Clients. The company has the right to provide confidential information about the Client's personal data to third parties who are not Trustees, only in case of official requests from administrative and/or judicial authorities.

5.Use of the information By registering an account in the Company, in accordance with this Policy, You consent to the use of their personal data and their processing: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction of any information related to transactions and payments.

6.Security and protection Company very seriously approaches to questions of security of personal data of the Client. The Company takes necessary steps to protect Your sensitive data, including maintaining strict safety standards for exchanging confidential information inside the Company and using leading technology of data storage security. For payment with a credit card, You fill out a form on the website to the processing center. To exclude the possibility of using these data, they are transferred to the Company in a shortened version through a secure connection.

7.Contact information If You have any questions about this Policy, we will be happy to answer them via email:


1.The user 1.1.This document represents the English version of the original text of the user agreement. The user accepts that this version is for readability. The relationship between the MOST platform-Group and the User are governed in accordance with the English version. In all cases the English version of the user agreement is a priority. 1.2.The user agreement is signed between the representative of the platform Finans-Group and users of the services of the company and is a condition for participation in the-platform Finans-Group. The user agreement includes the terms of use of website platform Finans-Group, terms of use Finans-Group of services governs the relationship between the participants MOST's-Group and the degree of responsibility of the participants. 1.3.The present User agreement is signed with the new participant to join the platform Finans-Group after its registration. The terms of this User Agreement must be accepted by the participant in full, without any reservations and in the same format as described on the website Finans-Group of the information provided and the participant at the time of registration. If the user does not agree with the terms, you must not use the services of this site.

2.Terms and definitions 2.1. User - the Internet user, including the user of the site, being in sound mind with full civil capacity, in accordance with legal regulations; is over 18 (eighteen) years; and to nationals of the following countries: Canada, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, new Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest territories, Yukon; USA: Alabama, Wyoming, Nebraska. South Korea, older than 19 (nineteen) years of age; citizens of the following countries: Taiwan, Tunisia, Japan, older than twenty (20) years; for citizens of the following countries: Bahrain, Guinea, Honduras, Egypt, Cameroon, côte d'ivoire, Lesotho, Madagascar, Monaco, Singapore, United States of America: Mississippi, Puerto Rico, new York, Chad - older than 21 (twenty one) years. The user acts consciously and voluntarily, using the platform Finans-Group understands the rights and assumes the obligations directly in the explicit form as well as those specified in the user agreement. 2.2. Company, platform, Finans-Group - Finans-Group GLOBAL is registered under the number *******at the address . 2.3. The website is an online resource that contains a set contained information and intellectual property (including computer programs, databases, graphical interface design (design), etc.) in the information system and intellectual property, accessed on or on behalf of another user device connected to the Internet using a special software for websites view (the browser) from (including subdomains of the following levels associated with these addresses) or mobile applications. 2.4. User agreement - this agreement provides the terms of ad placement and other rules and regulations governing the work of the platform Finans-Group or division rules of use published on the website. 2.5. Services - the functionality of the services and benefits available on the platforms Finans-Group for users. 2.6. Account - is the registration details, a unique username (email address) and password that you created independently from each other by the User during the registration process on the website or changed in the future by the user by setting the account used to access the account Settings after authorization of the user on the platform Finans-Group. 2.7. User login - this constant internal electronic code that is assigned to each user by the platform Finans-Group who check on the web Company website After approval login and password, the user actually gets access to the services provided by the platform Finans-Group. Login is a software tool used by the platform Finans-Group, due to the mutual rights and obligations of platform users and platform system Finans-Group. Login is required for user identification to determine to what extent and on what Bank account in the payment system, you must set amount. 2.8.The User password is changeable internal electronic code that is selected by the user and assigned by the platform Finans-Group to each user during registration on the website of the Company Once you assign a password and login, the Member actually gets access to the services provided by Finans-Group. The User password is a software tool used by the platform Finans-Group to identify the user to access its account settings. 2.9. Registration - a set of user actions corresponding to the instructions of the-platform Finans-Group and the relevant User agreement, which includes the ability to check data and other information by the User using the unique user interface features of project Finans-Group, what creates the Personal account and access to a private Finans-Group services. 2.10. User data - any material and information that the User put on the platform Finans-Group in connection with the-platform Finans-Group.

3. General terms and conditions 3.1. The interaction between the service and users by using the platform Finans-Group - Internet resource, located at: 3.2. To use the services provided by the platform, each user must be registered at and to log in. 3.3. The decision on the registration on the website is produced exclusively by the User. 3.4. It is prohibited to sign various bills for one person, including accounts with different email addresses. Each user can only be registered once and had to use only one user account (otherwise the account will be blocked without a chance for recovery). 3.5. When registering for the site platform, the user accepts the terms of service provided for in this Agreement, they shall abide by the terms of work on the platform. 3.6. The user must understand that all photos, video and text information on the platform's website, Finans-Group is the subject of copyright and they are provided solely for informational and Advisory purposes. 3.7. The user is responsible for the use of information obtained on the website of the-platform Finans-Group. 3.8. The minimum investment amount is $ 20 or 0.02 BTC maximum investment amount is ogovarivaetsa individually for each user. Minimum profit for withdrawal - $ 20 or 0.02 BTC. 3.9. Income investors ranges from 15% to 25% per month of the investment portfolio. 3.10. Daily accrual of profit following the results of Finans-Group (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). 3.11. Recommended investment term is 60 days or more. Taking into account the fee for early withdrawal, we recommend to invest during the minimum period or the withdrawal of a maximum of 30% of the portfolio with no charge. 3.12. Retention: For early withdrawal from the portfolio (of Deposit): a) during the period up to 30 days - 30% b) in the period from 30 to 60 days: - Withdrawal of up to 30% of investment portfolio 0%; - the Rejection of 30% to 50% of the investment portfolio - 10%; - Rejection from 50% to 100% of the investment portfolio - 15%; C) 60 days and more - 0%. - Commission for a withdrawal - 0%; Requirements for processing applications for withdrawal of funds 3 to 5 working days. The request for withdrawal may be executed any day. work Schedule Finans-Grouprs "- daily, Monday through Friday.

4. Personal account of the user 4.1. The use of the services involves the use of personal accounts, which contains the actual e-mail address, a unique login and payment data. 4.2. During account registration, it is recommended the user to use unique data: username and password. 4.3. The score is the main tool of the user to obtain information and financial gain. 4.4. The account can be blocked temporarily or permanently, if the user violates this Agreement. 4.5. The account information can be changed after the service receives the request from user. 4.6. The account information is under reliable technical protection and shall not be disclosed or transferred to third parties. 4.7. The account may be deleted if there is no activity from the User within 6 months.

5. The rights and obligations of the User 5.1. The user has the right to: Register and use one account; - to Use the information received on the platform (web-site) Finans-Group, to get financial profit for personal use and personal responsibility; - Use marketing tools to obtain additional compensation in accordance with the terms of the affiliate program; - to Introduce the necessary changes to personal account settings by submitting the relevant application; - to Receive accurate and timely information. 5.1.1. to provide information to other people in order to bring on them, in order to participate in the platform Finans-Group; 5.1.2. to create their own websites and provide information about the platform to affiliate new members, and also to be used for this purpose, any Internet resources without restrictions, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation of the country of the User; 5.1.3. to inform other adults persons and groups of persons, including associations of persons of interest for further branch platform Finans-Group; 5.1.4. to create their own blogs and other web resources, including personally-oriented, and to place there information about the platform Finans-Group with the aim to attract new users to the platform Finans-Group; 5.1.5. to provide suggestions and feedback on Finans-Group company with the purpose of improvement of work Finans-Group service platform; 5.1.6. to require the implementation of Finans-Group, the company of performance of the agreement. 5.2.The user platform Finans-Group shall: 5.2.1. To register your personal account utilizing the platform Finans-Group; 5.2.2. For security, username, password, financial password to access your account settings and personal account in the platform Finans-Group, not to disclose and not to disclose them to third parties; 5.2.3. Adhere to the rules of work with the platform web site, Finans-Group and comply with this Agreement. 5.2.4. Use antivirus software to prevent unauthorized access to its account; 5.2.5. Report an error in service in case of loss of password or in case a third party has gained access to your account records. 5.2.6. In good faith applies to Deposit funds to Deposit; 5.2.7. Not to distribute slanderous and negative statements relating to the company Finans-Group, its organizers and users, and any other persons participating in the Finans-Group: orally, in writing and in the media, including the Internet. Otherwise, the account will be blocked without the possibility of extension. 5.2.8. Not be submitted to the organizer, the owner of the platform Finans-Group, any presentation shall be limited to the name "Participant", "User"; 5.2.9. Do not use the status of the organiser, owner or authorized agent platform Finans-Group the implementation of simple standard actions equal the actions for the implementation of the rights and powers of the User, any submission must be limited to the name "Participant" or "User "; 5.2.10. Responsible for paying their own taxes on profits derived from participation in the platform, where available and in accordance with the applicable tax laws of the country in which the user is registered as a taxpayer or it must be registered as a taxpayer. 5.2.11. The information provided by the User, and its operation with Finans-Group should not: to Be false, inaccurate, contain errors or be misleading; - to Promote fraud, deception or abuse of trust; - to Make transactions with stolen or counterfeit items; - Violate the right to third party property, commercial secrets, or their right to privacy; is to Contain information insulting someone's honor, dignity or business reputation; is to Contain libel or threat to anyone; - to Call for crimes in order to provoke international conflict; - Encouraging, supporting or encouraging terrorist and extremist activities; - be obscene or pornography; - can Contain computer viruses and other computer programmes, in particular, to harm, unauthorized encroachment, intercepting closed or classified information or leading to the assignment of the data of any system or part of it or personal information or other data (including these platforms, from Finans-Group); - to cause harm to the platform Finans-Group, as well as cause full or partial loss of service Finans-Group platform Internet network service providers or any other parties; is to Contain material of an advertising nature; - Violate intellectual property rights of a third party, the right to the image of the citizen, and other rights of third parties. 5.2.12. The user receives a notification that in case of violation of this Agreement he has the right to apply sanctions as the freezing of the account to clarify the circumstances. 5.2.13. Forbidden for the user to perform, or to perform a transaction using the platform services Finans-Group, which could lead to a violation of platform Finans-Group and / or User-user or by the applicable laws of your state. 5.2.14. The user guarantees an independent damages and damages caused by the platform Finans-Group because of monetary production or other demands by third persons arising out of the use of the platform services Finans-Group. 5.2.15. The right to use the service is personal to user. The user is not entitled to provide services to third parties (like retribution and at no charge) in exchange of units of electronic payment systems based on the use of their platform services Finans-Group. The user agrees not to violate copyright and related rights in the content of the site platform Finans-Group the recognition that such rights are protected by law. Users must not to forge the communication streams used by Finans-Group. 5.2.16. The user agrees not to violate the legally established norms and rules in its activities.

6.The rights and obligations of the Company Account suspension can happen in one of the following cases: - Transfer access to other users. - Several account registration. - the Use of additional software and bots. - Attempts of misrepresentation and deliberate deception of other users. - Insults, employees, or any negative disorders in relation to the service. - Dissemination of negative information about the service, as well as in all other cases, when the user contains a threat to provide services and / or to other users. - Use additional programs that mimic the activities of registration records. - And in any other cases where the decision service determines that the user is a threat to the provision of services and / or to other users. 6.1. The company is responsible for the maintenance of the website and provides round-the-clock access to user accounts. 6.2. The company has the right to: - to Require the user to perform a complete identification, if his account is blocked in the result of a breach of this Agreement; - use the email User to send system notifications, newsletters, and marketing information; - to Deny the User the services that provide without giving reasons; - to Change the terms of cooperation, at its discretion, when Users will notice. 6.3. The company shall: is to Provide access to the website; - Ensure the personal safety of users ' data and not to disclose it to third parties; - in a Timely manner and in full to inform users about all changes and events; - to Calculate the financial rewards for users as a result of interaction with the web site platform Finans-Group (regular accrual financial profits and remuneration for participation in the affiliate program) and application process user deposits and withdrawals.

7.Financial settlements 7.1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Contract implies the possibility of participation in the investment process and the transfer of funds to trust management of the Service. 7.2. Trust management is carried out through the adoption of financial resources. It is carried out by electronic payment systems. 7.3. The Deposit and subsequent withdrawal of funds is carried out by the user using the payment system. 7.4. Additional costs in the form of fees for Deposit and withdrawal are restricted to the User. 7.5. Financial profit as a result of actions of Service under discretionary management automatically credited to the user's balance in the amount stated in the "For investors" section on this website. 7.6. Withdrawals shall be made in accordance with the application manually processed by the user. 7.7. The removal of the waiting time may take 3-5 days after the application for withdrawal of funds is created and confirmed by the User. 7.8. The user acknowledges and agrees that the waiting period for the conclusion declared in this Agreement may be extended due to payment failure-free operation of processors, and in the case of force majeure. The user acknowledges that these factors are outside the competence and responsibility of the Service. 7.9. The user is hereby notified and agrees that the profit index may be negative. The user acknowledges that these factors are outside the scope and responsibilities of the service. 7.10. The parties agree that this agreement is not a contract of trust management of property, agency or guarantee by the legislation of the country of any of the Parties and does not entail obligations arising from the legislation on trust management of property, agency or guarantee.

8. Responsibility of parties 8.1. The system is not responsible in any case of user success or failure of user actions associated with using the website.The project and the Company is not responsible for obtaining or failure to receive a User's expected profit. 8.2. The company is in no way liable for financial losses and any other losses user is restricted from using the information provided on the web site and participate in the activities of the Society. 8.3. The user, knowing all the risks fully, taking responsibility for the failures and losses associated with the use of the information provided on the website and participating in the project Finans-Group. 8.4. Finans-Group Company is responsible for the exclusive operation of the account settings of the user platform and the exact fulfillment of the instructions of the user under the terms of this agreement. 8.5. Finans-Group, the Company is not responsible for any violations or restrictions in the process of the payment systems used for direction of funds to personal account users. 8.6. Finans-Group, the Company is not responsible for changes in the value of assets due to changes in exchange cryptocurrencies that occurs during the execution of the transaction, but also in General in the market. 8.7. Finans-Group, the Company is not responsible for delays or failures in the process of committing transactions arising from the act of Providence, as well as any case of defects in the telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems. 8.8. The funds can be transferred from the account only at presence of order (the requests) from the user. 8.9. Project Finans-Group retains the right at any time to check the solvency of the user (and, if necessary, and his identity) by using the data given during registration. 8.10. Project Finans-Group is not responsible for all the services of an automatic exchange of units of electronic payment systems, additions to the accounts and payment of goods on the-floors, electronic payment systems. 8.11. Project Finans-Group does not check the competence and legality owning by the User of the User to the exchange, not to oversee the operations of the User in any of the electronic payment systems. 8.12. Project Finans-Group only supports the electronic payment system where transactions can be withdrawn in accordance with the relevant maintenance system. 8.13. Any and every operation involving electronic payment systems are not subject to cancellation from the moment of its completion - from the receiving User that is associated with him accepted the terms of the transaction. 8.14. Electronic payment systems are solely responsible for the objects assigned to them. Users of the Company are not a party to the agreement between the electronic payment system and its User, and in any case not responsible for improper or illegal use of the relevant systems as well as for functionality abuse of this system. Mutual rights and obligations of the User and the electronic payment system governed by the rules and conventions of the respective system. 8.15. The refund to the User, or other user or person, regardless of his role in the project impossible. Participants will understand the essence and conditions of this Agreement. 8.16. Companies and project managers are not responsible for problems that may occur in used authorized payment systems, as the company is not the owner or co-owner of payment systems. 8.17. Companies and project managers are not responsible for problems, breakage, and foams that can rise the exchange rate are based on Finans-Groups, and this may result in the loss of objects (altcoins). The company is not the owner or joint owner of this payment system. 8.18. Exchange rates are not published on the website of the service and is not reported to the user at the time of acceptance of the terms of the exchange transactions, which establish the Appointment from the User and issued by the service volumes of the users of the assets in the systems of electronic payments. Costs are constrained using electronic payments system and specified in the relevant bilateral agreement between the user and the system are paid by the User.

9. Force majeure 9.1. In the event of any circumstances preventing the conclusion of a full or partial implementation of any of the parties of their obligations under the present Contract, namely natural calamity, war, military operations of any nature, blockade, loss face transaction of a considerable part of capital, the depreciation of the exchange rate of one currency in relation to others differs significantly from the average of the closing exchange or other circumstances, being out of control outside each of the parties has the right to cancel the further implementation of the commitments arising out of this Agreement, and in this case none of the parties has no right to claim compensation from the other party. 9.2. Confirmation of the occurrence of these circumstances as a notice transmitted by electronic communication will be sufficient grounds for the occurrence of the said circumstances and their duration.

10. The term of the Agreement 10.1. This Agreement shall enter into force after registration of a personal account by a User on the web platform Finans-Group and it remains in force during the entire period of cooperation between the User and services. 10.2. The service reserves the right to make changes and additions in the text of this Agreement at its discretion without prior notice. 10.3. In case of disagreement with the modifications in the User agreement, a person has the right to refuse execution of the user agreement and stop using the services provided by the Company. The amount that was sent by a User to voluntarily submit payment, cannot be returned. Any Participant understands and realizes that he has a permanent open access to this Agreement. 10.4. Users are strongly advised to check the content of the Agreement from time to time regarding changes and additions.

11.Services Contact information 11.1. If necessary, the user can contact the service representatives at the following channels: - Contact form on the website of the platform Finans-Group; - email Address of the Service in the "Contact" section on the site. - Call-service which can be enjoyed on site Finans-Group.